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Medical Weight Loss

Fix Your Metabolism

We offer medically supervised weight loss programs that are designed to solve your problems from the inside out.  We start by identifying the root cause and correcting it.  This will allow you to lose weight and can keep it off for the long-term.  Our specialized team of doctors and dieticians will support you through the process. 

We look for the root cause of slow metabolism and fix it

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Effective.  Safe.

Overweight and obesity are becoming more and more common, especially as we grow older because metabolism slows with aging. Once thought to be a simple problem of “eating too much”, we now know that obesity is actually a very complex medical problem. Unless dealt with appropriately, a lot of effort and suffering can lead to very little results with almost no weight loss at all.


At Addlife, we first look for the root cause. Slow metabolism and obesity may be due to low hormones, biochemical imbalances, anemia, toxic accumulation, food intolerances or a combination. Once we understand why your metabolism is slow, then we can work on correcting the cause so that you can achieve true and sustainable weight loss.


Contact Us

We are conveniently located in central Bangkok with easy access on South Satorn Road or come by MRT.

Our building is directly in front of the subway station: 

MRT Lumpini Station (Exit 2)

Addlife: Q House Lumpini Building 

1 South Satorn Rd. Room 201 

Bangkok 10120 THAILAND

Hours: Daily 7:00am - 6:00pm

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