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I lost 16 kilos and my clothing size dropped from XL to M. I received many positive comments on my looks. Addlife helped me to addresses the underlying root causes of excess weight gain before suggesting a diet. I can enjoy eating while I am losing weight. I am now enjoying life more and more.

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The doctor identified all root causes and personalized treatment.  The doctor advised me to a new diet program. Also, dietitian helped me to develop new habits to make good decisions about food and provide tips for my new lifestyle. Addlife brings back my body’s natural balance and helps me to lose weight naturally. Now, I feel lighter, look younger, and have more energy.

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At Addlife, the doctor first look for the root cause that contribute to weight gain such as a slow metabolism. Then, the doctor can work on correcting the cause. So that I can achieve true and sustainable weight loss.  

Several of my health problems gradually improved. I have no longer had knee pain and no more snoring. Importantly, I have a newest shape! In addition, it is time to update my wardrobe. I love that ADDLIFE solved my metabolism problems from the inside out and tailored weight loss program that corrects my underlying condition. Thank you ADDLIFE for making my life better. 

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